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List of documents by date range

To get the list of your documents filtered by a date range (from_date and to_date) and status (status), just do a GET to /documents /by_date_range, which will return an array with the main properties of each document. It is also possible to pass some optional properties to it to get only the documents in a folder or organization.

This is what can accept status:

status = ["signed","unsigned","partially_signed"]


curl  --location --request GET '' \      --header 'x-api-key: my_secret_key' \      -d status=signed      -d from_date=2021-01-01      -d to_date=2022-12-30


{    "ok": true,    "payload": [        {            "id": 15897,            "name": "Document",            "description": "Document description",            "created_at": "2021-01-20T20:30:25.229-06:00",            "status": "signed",            "unsigned_last_version_url": "",            "signed_last_version_url": "",            "last_version_signed_ended_at": "2021-01-20T20:30:41.586-06:00",            "organization_id": null,            "organization_name": null,            "created_by_id": 537,            "created_by_name": "Servicios Cincel",            "created_by_email": ""        }        ...    ]}

Note that there will be documents that do not belong to any folder or organization, so the organization and folder_id properties can be null, as well as the other optional properties.