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Error handling

When interacting with the different API endpoints, a series of errors can occur depending on different situations such as sending data in the wrong format, invalid parameters, etc.

At Cincel we handle our own standard for the possible responses of all endpoints. This response is made up of 3 main variables: ok, payload and errors.

If the call was successful, the ok variable will have a value of true and within payload you will find the content expected by the call made, which is specified in each of the calls.

Successful response:

{    "ok": true,    "payload": {      ...    }}

Conversely, if a problem occurs, the ok variable will have a value of false and errors will contain information about the detected error(s).

The error format is defined as follows:

{    "ok": false,    "errors":{      "variable_1": ["error 1","error n"],      "arreglo_1": {        "index_elemento": {          "variable_1_elemento_1":["error 1","error n"]        }      }    }

Both successful responses and known errors will return a 200 status, in case an unexpected error occurs (which is rare), a 500 status will be returned.